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Upholstering service Marbella

Upholstery service for sofas, chairs and cushions in Marbella



We offer expert upholstering services for all your needs, including reupholstering sofas, chairs and cushions, and creating custom furniture in Marbella.


Our services include convenient collection and delivery, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.


Transform your living space with our bespoke furniture and decor services. Whether you're looking to revitalize your favorite chair or sofa, or add a unique flair to your room, we offer custom-made solutions including cushions, headboards, pelmets, and more.


Choose from our wide selection of exquisite upholstery fabrics, featuring top designers and specialized options for outdoor use and stain resistance.


Portofino is your premier choice for upholstery service for sofas, chairs and cushions in Marbella, Estepona, and Sotogrande. Our standout services include upholstering, space decoration, wallpaper, and the selection and installation of curtains. We take particular pride in our specialty: furniture upholstering.


Our commitment to excellence, combined with our professionalism and extensive experience, makes us a reliable partner in transforming your home. We are dedicated to infusing life into your spaces through personalized, high-quality service, ensuring pleasant atmospheres and impeccable finishes.


We recognize the importance of selecting the perfect style for your home. That’s why we offer efficient, customized service for every project, with a vast array of decorative options. Ready to start?


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